Archived Colloquia

Ecology Lab developed by the Population Modeling Seminar

In November, 2009, the Population Modeling Seminar, led by Dr. Jodie Novak, conducted a 3-hour Ecology lab on models for the introduction of viruses into an alien cat population. Preliminary feedback from students was very positive, and there are plans to revise the lab for future Ecology classes at UNC. The modeling seminar, which includes mathematics and biology graduate students, has run since Fall 2007. The full presentation, including a dynamic Mathematica-based model, is available here.

Spring 2007

Date Speaker Title
1/31/07 Panel Discussion Research Opportunities for Graduate Students in the School of Mathematical Sciences
2/14/07 Terry Scott Eight Queens and Knight's Circuit Using Recursion with Backtracking
2/21/07 Adam Goyt, Michigan State University Partition Statistics and q-Fibonacci numbers

Fall 2006

Date Speaker Title
9/13/06 Ruben Gamboa, University of Wyoming Mechanical Verification of Elementary Calculus Theorems in ACL2(r)
9/27/06 Anton Dzhamay Managing Web Pages on the New School of Mathematical Sciences Website
10/11/06 Hortensia Soto-Johnson Diverse Assessments Implemented in Abstract Algebra That Promote Discussion, Learning and Community
10/25/06 Panel Discussion Grant Project Development: National Science Foundation (NSF) as a Funding Source
11/15/06 Clark Dollard Pre-service Elementary Teachers' Thinking About Situations Involving Probability

Spring 2006

Date Speaker Title
1/25/06 Dean Allison, Ricardo Diaz, and Nathaniel Miller Generalized Baseball Curves: Three Symmetries and You’re In!
2/8/06 Sally Duvall Differential Equations Students’ Concept Images of Parameter
2/22/06 Paul Kennedy, CSU A Meta-Analysis of Recent Literature on the Effects of Cooperative Learning on Achievement in Undergraduate Mathematics
3/29/06 Milan Luic Creating Course Webpages Using Moodle
4/26/06 Steve Leth

Infinitesimals and Fixed Points


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