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Participating in a summer REU program can be a fun and memorable experience. You learn a lot of interesting mathematics and useful technical skills, meet new friends, learn how to do research and give talks, and you are getting paid for it.

A typical REU program aims at introducing undergraduate students to research in Mathematics and related fields (e.g., Computer Science and Physics). It usually targets juniors and sophomores with basic undergraduate math background (Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations). However, some programs are specifically for women or minorities, some aim at preparing new graduate students, and some require significantly more advanced background (e.g., Abstract Algebra, PDEs, Numebr Theory). Usually the length of an REU program is 6-8 weeks in June-July, with a stipend (usually around $3000) and some room, board, and travel expenses. For most programs, applications are due at the end of February, but some deadlines are early (end of January). To apply, you need your unofficial transcripts, letter of interest, CV, and one or two reference letters from faculty. UNC office of Career Services has some examples of how to prepare these documents.

Lists of Programs

Three main sources of current REU programs (AMS, MAA, NSF):

  • AMS Website - A nearly complete and updated list of all REU programs.
  • NSF Website - The NSF funds many of the REUs; you might find additional programs here.

Also, check out the Pathways to Science website for the REU search engine in Mathematics and Science, and NASA summer REU opportunities.


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