Formal Assignments:
  1. Shape of Space
  2. Midterm
  3. Final Project

Informal Assignments:

  1. Straightness & Euclid's Postulates on the 450 degree cone.
  2. Build your own hyperbolic Plane!  You can use any one of the four methods explained in appendix B of Experiencing Geometry.  The crocheted hyperbolic planes are by far the nicest, but the hardest to make.  This assignment will be graded on the quality of your finished product.
  3. Straightness & Euclid's Postulates on the Hyperbolic Plane
  4. non-Euclid observations
  5. Paper Folding Proof & Problem 8.2
  6. Henderson Problem 7.2
  7. Computer Lab 1
  8. Computer Lab 1, electronic component
  9. Computer Lab 2
  10. Parallel Postulates