Math 341
Modern Geometry
Informal Assignment:  NCTM Standards

On the back of this page (and at are listed the NCTM Standards for School Mathematics, published by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. This assignment is intended to help you become more familiar with these standards. Start by reading the short general overview of these standards found at

In order to get access to the full text of the NCTM Principles and Standards document, go to, and sign yourself up for the 90 day free access.

Once you have access, start by reading the more specific information about the Geometry Standard for whatever grade level you are planning to teach. (To get there, sign in, then click on the appropriate grade level at the top of the page, and on Geometry on the left of the page. If you are not planning to become a teacher, pick any grade level to look at.)

Next, pick three standards that you feel have been addressed in math 341. At least one of these must be one of the 4 Geometry Content Standards, and at least one must be one of the 5 Process Standards. (For the Content Standards, listed in the left column on the reverse, we are looking at the individual bullet points; for the Process Standards, listed on the right, we are looking at the whole standard, which contains several bullet points.)

For each standard that you picked, read the full text on the standards website discussing that standard at the grade level you plan to teach, then write two paragraphs about it. The first paragraph should describe how the standard has been addressed in math 341, and the second should address some specific ways in which you can address the standard at the grade level you plan to teach.