AAEO Coordinators for NHS Searches

Aichun Dong, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry: aichun.dong@unco.edu, 1-1284

Nancy Geisendorfer, School of Mathematical Sciences: nancy.geisendorfer@unco.edu, 1-2257

Judy Scofield, School of Nursing: judy.scofield@unco.edu, 1-2294

Debbie Pirera, NHS Dean's Office: deborah.pirera@unco.edu, 1-2740

Linda Sharp, School of Sport and Exercise Science: linda.sharp@unco.edu, 1-1708

Frank Skufca, School of Biological Sciences: frank.scufka@unco.edu, 1-2469

Ruwang Sung, School of Earth Sciences and Physics: ruwang.sung@unco.edu, 1-1183