The UNC Gerontology Program

It is a great time to pursue a career in aging! The U.S. Bureau of Labor reports that occupations that focus on an aging population will be a high growth area in the decade to come and beyond. The UNC Gerontology graduate program will prepare you to become a leader in that field, whether you work specifically within the aging network, or become the expert on aging within any occupational or community setting.

Your experience in our academic Gerontology program will provide you with:

  • Knowledge and critical understanding required to address the whole aging person, including the management of changing needs, and quality of life
  • Knowledge about the public and private systems in place to enhance the experience of aging
  • An academic curriculum that includes the study of:
    • Health
    • Family and social relationships
    • Public policy (including Medicare, Medicaid, retirement, employment, etc.)
    • Racial, ethnic and gender diversity
    • Community resources in the public and private sectors (housing, health care, financial assistance, legal, mental health care, etc.)
    • Management and administration of services within the aging network
  • You will also have:
    • Opportunities to complete elective internships, practica, or research projects that will enhance your academic curriculum with hands-on learning
    • A mentoring environment with program faculty
    • A collaborative environment with fellow students, whether learning online, or on-campus