The UNC Gerontology graduate program prepares you to become a leader, whether you work within the aging network, or become the expert on aging within an occupational or community setting.

Expert faculty and small classes foster a rich learning experience, building the knowledge and critical understanding required to address the whole aging person, including the management of changing needs, and quality of life.

The academic curriculum is focused on:

  • Health
  • Family and social relationships
  • Public policy (including those at the federal, state, and local levels; such as Medicare, Medicaid, retirement, employment, and long-term care)
  • Racial, cultural, gender and economic diversity
  • Community resources in the public and private sectors (housing, financial assistance, health care, mental health care, legan and recreation)
  • Management and administration of services within the aging network
  • Research on topics in aging


Roseanne Collison

Roseanne Collison is an alumna of the Gerontology master’s program. She loved the experience from start to finish and especially enjoyed learning about all aspects of the aging process, resources, services, and benefit programs. Prior to beginning the program, she was employed as a social worker in a Denver nursing home. Since completing her master’s degree in Gerontology, she has formed her own business, Kinsman Care Management. Through her business she provides consultations and short and long-term care management.  Roseanne also serves as a court-appointed guardian for older adults and is a regular speaker for the Alzheimer’s Association.

Roseanne commented, “I love learning about aging issues and the program at UNC gave me a great foundation that I use every day.“

News and Announcements

Gerontology Professor Publishes Book on Factors Shaping Social Organization

In her new book, UNC Assistant Professor of Gerontology Joyce Weil presents a discussion about how race, ethnicity and age combine with gender, social class, sexual orientation and immigrant status, among a host of other factors, to shape social organization and people's lives in society ... Read more


Gerontology Professor Conducts Study on Transitions and the Meaning of Home

As a social gerontologist, UNC assistant professor of Gerontology Dr. Joyce Weil is passionate about studying how the experience of aging is impacted by the society and time in which one lives. Recently, she and her students conducted a study of older adults who were raised in rural settings and now live in town. The goal was to understand the role of place in the experience of aging. Dr. Weil presented some of the findings at the 2015 Boulder County Area Agency on Aging Conference on Aging in Place, in her keynote address entitled “Aging in Place in Many Places: New Directions in Navigating Home.”