About UNC Meteorology


The UNC meteorology program has two goals: a strong foundation in the sciences preparing students for graduate school and providing the experience necessary to be ready to take a job in weather forecasting.

The science of meteorology seeks to understand the atmosphere and its phenomena by considering the forces that act on it, the processes that determine its behavior and the interaction between it and the earth beneath. This program provides a broad background in meteorology and stresses practical interpretation of weather data and the importance of meteorology to many aspects of human endeavor.

Graduates of the meteorology program will be prepared for entry-level positions as meteorologists with government agencies and private companies, as weather forecasters with the United States Air Force and as team members with firms concerned with environmental monitoring. Meteorology is also an excellent major for individuals planning careers in either civilian or military aviation. The program provides the background necessary for admission to graduate programs in the atmospheric sciences.

The course requirements assure that our graduates meet all of the requirements for certification with the American Meteorology Society (AMS) and the National Weather Association (NWA).

A Comprehensive Undergraduate meteorology program emphasizing:

  • Small class sizes for individualized instruction
  • Rigorous coursework blending theory with applications
  • Weather forecasting experience
  • Preparation for graduate school and the job market
  • Undergraduate research projects and conference presentations
  • Collaborations thoughout the CO Front Range and Northeastern Plains

Degrees Offered:

Meteorology Faculty:

  • Dr. Wendi Flynn, Assistant Professor
    • Expertise: Weather Forecasting & Analysis, Physical Meteorology, Mesoscale Meteorology
    • Point of contact for: Student Chapter of the AMS, Student Service & Outreach
  • Dr. Cindy Shellito, Associate Professor
    • Expertise: Paleoclimatology, Climate Dynamics, Global Change, Dynamic Meteorology, Science Education
    • Point of contact for: Cooperative Observer Weather Station, Campus Climatology, CoCoRaHS
  • Dr. David Lerach, Assistant Professor
    • Expertise: Severe Storms & Tornadogenesis, Cloud Microphysics, Mesoscale Meteorology, Radar & Numerical Modeling Applications

Facilities & Resources:

  • Dedicated Classroom and Laboratory Space.
  • A Linux computer network, including a data server and 13 client PCs. The server receives live meteorological data, while the PCs are configured with Unidata software and the WRF model.
  • Real time weather station and weather cam.
  • A NWS cooperative observing weather station on campus.
  • Affiliations with CSU's nearby Chill Radar.
  • Easy access to the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and NWS forecast offices in Boulder, CO and Cheyenne, WY.
  • Broadcast Internship relationships established with the major Denver news stations.