Emmett Evanoff

Emmett Evanoff

Assistant Professor of Geology

Ph.D. University of Colorado, Boulder 1990, Geology
M.S. University of Colorado, Boulder, 1983, Geology
B.S. University of Wyoming, 1978, Geology

Contact Information

Courses Currently Taught

  • GEOL 202 Historical Geology
  • GEOL 340/540 Paleontology
  • GEOL 390 Colorado Geology
  • GEOL 422/622 Directed Studies (various topics in Sedimentary Geology and Paleontology)
  • GEOL 445/545 Vertebrate Paleontology
  • GEOL 450/550 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
  • GEOL 590 Rocky Mountain Geology Seminar
  • SCI 291 Scientific Writing

Research and Professional Activities

Stratigraphy, Paleontology, and Sedimentology
I have studied for many years the middle Cenozoic sedimentary rocks of the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains.  My specialty is the stratigraphy, sedimentology, and paleontology of distal volcaniclastic sequences such as the White River Group and the Bridger Formation.  I have worked for over a decade in Badlands National Park in South Dakota, but have also worked on the deposits of Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument.  I have a broad range of interests ranging from Cenozoic terrestrial land snail and vertebrate faunas, to the distribution and origin of Cenozoic volcanic ash deposits, to the changes of Rocky Mountain and Great Plains landscapes during the Cenozoic, to the history of geological studies in the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains.  I have also studied the Jurassic Morrison Formation of Dinosaur National Monument and the Garden Park area of central Colorado. 

I am a research associate at the University of Colorado Museum in Boulder and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  I also teach adult education courses in paleontology and geology at the Denver Museum.  Before coming to UNC, I taught geology and paleontology at the University of Colorado over a span of 23 years.  I am a past-president of the Colorado Scientific Society, and have helped organize two symposia for CSS.  I have also been active in presenting talks and organizing topic sessions for the Geological Society of America, the Society of Vertebrate Paleontologist, the Paleontological Society, and the Western Interior Paleontological Society.  I have had the pleasure to have served on 6 doctoral committees and 8 masters committees.

Selected Publications

Evanoff, E., Terry, D.O., Jr., Benton, R.C., and Minkler, H., 2010, Field guide to the geology of the White River Group in the North Unit of Badlands National Park, in Terry, M.P., Duke, E.F., and Tielke, J.A., eds., Geologic field trips in the Black Hills region, South Dakota:  South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Bulletin 21, p. 96-127.

Murphey, P.C., and Evanoff, E., 2007, Stratigraphy, fossil distribution and depositional environments of the upper Bridger Formation (middle Eocene), southwestern Wyoming:  Wyoming State Geological Survey Report of Investigation 57, 107 p.(1 map, scale 1:100,000).  Published May 2008.

Henry, T.W., Evanoff, E., Grenard, D.A., Meyer, H.W., and Vardiman, D.M., 2004, Geologic Guidebook to the Gold Belt Byway, Colorado:  Gunnison, Colorado, B&B Printers, Gold Belt Tour Scenic and Historic Byway Association, 112 p.

Evanoff, E., Gregory-Wodzicki, K.M., and Johnson, K.R., eds., 2001, Fossil Flora and Stratigraphy of the Florissant Formation, Colorado:  Proceedings of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Series 4, no. 1, 218 p.

Larson, E.E., and Evanoff, E., 1998, An overview of the tuffs of the White River sequence, in Terry, D. O., and Hunt, R. H., eds, Depositional environments, lithostratigraphy, and biostratigraphy of the White River and Arikaree groups:  Geological Society of America Special Paper 325, p. 1-14.

Evanoff, E., and Carpenter, K., 1998, History, sedimentology, and taphonomy of Felch Quarry 1 and associated sandbodies in the Morrison Formation near Garden Park, Fremont County, Colorado, in Carpenter, K., Chure, D. J., and Kirkland, J. I., eds., The Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation:  an interdisciplinary study, part 1:  Modern Geology, v. 22, p. 145-169.

Evanoff, E., 1990, Early Oligocene paleovalleys in southern and central Wyoming:  Evidence of high local relief on the late Eocene unconformity:  Geology, v. 18, p. 443-446.


Above: The backcountry of Badlands National Park