Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Faculty

  • Steven Anderson (Professor of Geology, Director of MAST)
  • Graham Baird (Associate Professor of Geology)
  • Joe Elkins (Associate Professor of Earth Science Education, Geology)
  • Emmett Evanoff (Associate Professor of Geology)
  • Wendi Flynn (Assistant Professor of Meteorology)
  • William Hoyt (Professor of Oceanography, Chair, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences)
  • David Lerach (Assistant Professor of Meteorology)
  • Cindy Shellito (Associate Professor of Meteorology)
  • Andrea Smith (Lecturer in Meteorology)
  • Byron Straw (Lecturer in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and Geology)

Emeriti Faculty

  • Kenneth Hopkins (Professor of Geology, Emeritus)
  • William Nesse (Professor of Geology, Emeritus)
  • Lee Shropshire (Professor of Geology, Emeritus)