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Class Scheduling, Blackboard Requests, and Enrollment Management

Classified Staff

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College Governance

Course Evaluation


Exempt Staff

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Faculty Evaluation

Faculty/Chair Absence

Faculty Vitae

  • Special Note Regarding Standards for the Curriculum Vitae
    The University has a standard format for the presentation of the curriculum vitae which is intended to facilitate consistency of reporting academic work and accomplishments (see "Curriculum Vitae" link at  That format calls for the distinction of juried works, which are described on the UNC document as reviewed by an editorial board or refereed, from non-juried works.  Through discussion at our College's Faculty Evaluation Workshop, it became clear that there has been variation in the labeling of "invited" works, such as presentations and publications.  In order to support consistency in reporting across the College, and in consultation with the NHS leadership team, it is our recommendation that invited works be listed under a separate category clearly labeled "invited" rather than included in the "juried" category.  If you have such items included in your curriculum vitae, I encourage you to make this change prior to the next cycle of evaluation. 

Faculty Workload

Graduate Faculty


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Program Review


Sabbatical Leave

Summer Teaching and Compensation