Transferring College Credits to UNC

You must complete the program prerequisites, and are encouraged to have completed or to be working on completion of supporting courses and/or liberal arts core/general education courses if needed prior to registering for courses in the DDP.  If you have taken or are taking transfer and supporting courses at a Colorado public two-year institution, see the Transfer Guide for course equivalency.

If you have taken transfer and supporting courses in other locations, the institution must be regionally accredited and grades of C- or better are transferable. Before taking the course, check with your advisor for approval of program requirement fulfillment. For an advisor to determine if a course is transferable from a school other than UNC, we need the following information: institution name, course title, catalog description, credit hours and whether there is a lab.

To earn a degree from UNC you must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours from UNC and 20 of your last 30 credit hours must be from UNC.

Your degree or certificate together with your completion of the DDP requirements will earn you a Verification Statement that will permit you to apply for dietetic internships. For more information go to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website.