Program Costs and Expenses

Please refer to the current University Catalog under the section of Financial Aid, Rates and Student Fees or the University Costs website for more information.

Additional Dietetic Program Expenses:

Costs for FND 431 - Medical Nutrition Intervention Lab
Students may need to purchase their own background check ($20-35) and update their immunization records (available for no extra charge at the University Health Services).

Transportation expenses may be incurred for the following courses:

FND 410 - Professional Development Seminar
FND 431 - Medical Nutrition Intervention Lab
FND 446 - Foodservice Systems Management
FND 452 - Community Nutrition

Individual course materials, i.e. presentation posters ($5-40), textbooks ($300-500 per semester), and copying costs ($0-50 per semester) should be expected.

Membership fees recommended for the program include:

The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics ($50 student rate per year)
The Northern Colorado Dietetic Association ($15 student rate per year)
The Student Nutrition & Dietetics Association ($10 per year)

Some transportation costs should be expected to attend professional meetings and for practical experience.

On occasion an online option for the lab portion of FND 310 is available. If the online version is selected, the student is responsible for the cost of food needed to complete lab experiments. Additional related costs include equipment, appliances, utensils, and a digital camera necessary to completing the labs.