General Information

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is located in Ross Hall of Science on west campus at the University of Northern Colorado.


Instrumentation: The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is equipped with a centrally-located instrumentation facility supporting both research and teaching. Specialized instrumentation is located in various research and teaching laboratories. Capabilities include atomic absorption, fluorescence, nuclear magnetic resonance (Bruker Avance II, 400MHz), UV-visible, lasers, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy; GC (FID, MS and FT-IR detectors), HPLC (fixed and variable wavelength UV-vis, and refractive index), low pressure liquid chromatography; polarography; polarimetry; high speed and ultra-centrifugation; X-ray diffraction (powder and single crystal); calorimetry; electrophoretic techniques (zonal, two-dimensional, and isoelectric focusing); and thermal gravimetric analysis.


Computing facilities are available for use by our students, faculty and staff within ROSS Hall and wireless access is available throughout the building. Departmental computers are hardwired to the internet within the university's local network. Many general office and chemistry specific applications are available on the local network. Software, including ChemDraw and Spartan, are available for student use.


The campus library, which contains 1,375,000 volumes, subscribes to 1800 periodicals including major educational and chemical journals as well as chemical and biological abstract services. It is also equipped with the Computer-Based Reference Assistance system, the Interlibrary Loan Service and an on-line Public Access Catalog providing access privileges to research college and university libraries within Colorado. Following the appointment of a research advisor, photocopier privileges (both in the library and the Department) are provided for reproducing material directly related to a faculty-supervised research project. An additional selection of books and journals is housed in the Department.