Richard W. Schwenz, Ph.D.

Picture of Richard W. Schwenz, Ph.D.

    Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Greeley, Colorado 80639
    Office: (970) 351-1287; Fax: (970) 351-2533


Research Interests

As a Physical Chemist, I have a broad range of interests and responsibilities. Most recently, I have worked with several graduate and undergraduate students doing some molecular modeling and kinetics research on organic compounds. I also participate in the development of novel Physical Chemistry education projects and in program evaluations.

Recent Publications

With Sheldon Miller, “The AP Chemistry Course Audit: A Fertile Ground for identifying and addressing misconceptions about the class”, Journal of Chemical Education, 91, 1362, (2014).

With Kimberly A.O. Pacheco, “A First Year Experience Course on Nanoscience for Undergraduates”, Journal of Nanoscience Education, 6, 148, (2014).

With Youngjin Song, “An Inquiry-based Approach to Teach the Spherical Earth Model to Pre-Service Teachers using the Global Positioning System (GPS), Journal of College Science Teaching, 42, 51 (2013).

With Robin T. Macaluso, “A data-driven exercise to help students understand relationships between periodic trends and Zeff”, Virtual Inorganic Pedagogical Electronic Resource (accepted and posted, May, 2011).

“Who is catching up with whom?  Internationalization of science education”, Journal of College Science Teaching, 41, 10-11 (2012).