Michael D. Mosher, Professor and Chair, Ph.D., Texas Tech University, Organic Chemistry. Synthetic organic chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry of N and O containing molecules, novel syntheses of 2-isozazolines, and anti-cancer drug design.
Email: Michael.Mosher@unco.edu

Jack Barbera, Associate Professor, Ph.D., University of Colorado. Chemical Education and Physical Chemistry. Dr. Barbera's research has two main foci within Chemistry Education: 1) the development and psychometric evaluation of assessment instruments, and 2) the development of learning materials (virtual laboratories, tutorials, classroom demos) which utilize the PhET chemistry simulations (http://phet.colorado.edu). For more information about Dr. Barbera's research please see his groups homepage (http://www.unco.edu/nhs/chemistry/faculty/barbera/CER/index.html)
E-mail: Jack.Barbera@unco.edu

Aichun Dong, Professor, Ph.D., Colorado State University, Biochemistry; Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules. Protein structure; structure function relationship; protein folding/unfolding; protein denaturation, stabilization, and formulation; protein infrared database.
E-mail: Aichun.Dong@unco.edu

Robert P. Houser, Assistant Vice President for Research (acting), Professor, Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Inorganic Chemistry. Synthetic inorganic chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, coordination chemistry, coordination polymers.
E-mail: Robert.Houser@unco.edu

Richard M. Hyslop, Professor, Ph.D., University of Texas, Biochemistry. Metabolism and mechanisms of reactions of immunoactive and antineoplastic agents; drug design; enzymology of calcium-regulated proteins.
E-mail: Richard.Hyslop@unco.edu

Kimberly A. Opperman Pacheco, Associate Professor, Ph.D., University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Organic Chemistry. Modified silane thin film formation and characterization, prototypes for biosensor devices, force measurements using modified AFM tips, synthesis and characterization of UV-visible photoactive organic molecules, incorporation of nanoscale science into undergraduate curriculum.
Email: Kimberly.Pacheco@unco.edu

David L. Pringle, Professor, Ph.D., Iowa State University, Analytical Chemistry. Application of HPLC and GC to biochemical separations; use of naturally-occurring sulfide minerals as electrode surfaces; development of industrially-based analytical experiments.
E-mail: David.Pringle@unco.edu

Richard W. Schwenz, Professor, Ph.D., Ohio State University, Physical Chemistry. Molecular spectroscopy of transition metal oxides and halides; computer interfacing with laboratory instrumentation, physical chemistry reform.
E-mail: Richard.Schwenz@unco.edu

Youngjin Song, Associate professor, Ph.D. University of Georgia, Science Education. Elementary Science Education.

Jerry P. Suits, Associate Professor, Ph. D., University of Texas at Austin, Chemical Education. Interactive multimedia modules and simulations; computer-interfaced laboratory experiments; student visualization, learning styles, conceptual learning and achievement.
E-mail: Jerry.Suits@unco.edu

Adjunct Faculty

Corina E. Brown, Lecturer, Ph.D., Chemistry (Chemical Education)/ Ph.D. minor in Statistics, University of Northern Colorado.
E-mail: Corina.Brown@unco.edu

Murielle Watzky-Brewer, Lecturer, Ph.D., Wayne State University, Inorganic Chemistry.
Email: Murielle.WatzkyBrewer@unco.edu

Alyssa Webster, Lecturer, Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, University of Wyoming
Email: Alyssa.Webster@unco.edu

Professor Emeritus

James O. Schreck, Professor Emeritus, Ph.D., Texas A & M, Organic Chemistry. Development and testing of new laboratory experiments for undergraduate organic chemistry laboratories; development of demonstrations for chemistry and science teaching. 1995 recipient of the Chemical Manufacturers Association Catalyst Award.
E-mail: James.Schreck@unco.edu

Loretta L. Jones, Professor Emeritus, Ph.D., D.A. University of Illinois at Chicago, Chemical Education/Physical Chemistry. Instructional applications of video and computer- based technologies; learning environments.The winner of the 2012 ACS Award for Achievement in Research for the Teaching and Learning of Chemistry.
E-mail: Loretta.Jones@unco.edu

Clark L. Fields, Professor Emeritus, Ph.D., University of Iowa, Inorganic Chemistry. The chemistry of boron, chemistry and applications of systems irradiated with white light; development of materials and experiments for inorganic chemistry.
E-mail: Clark.Fields@unco.edu

Henry W. Heikkinen, Professor Emeritus, Ph.D., University of Maryland, Chemical Education. The recipient of 2009 George C. Pimentel Award in Chemical Education. Curriculum development and evaluation; in-service teaching programs; student attitudes and representations in chemistry; problem-solving and conceptual change.
E-mail: heikk2000@comcast.net

M. Lynn James, Professor Emeritus, Ph.D., University of Utah, Physical Chemistry. Curriculum studies and curriculum development involving computer applications; use of cooperative learning to the teaching of science.
E-mail: mljames@unco.edu

Marcus K. Meilahn, Professor Emeritus, Ph.D., Arizona State University, Organic Chemistry. Asymmetric synthesis; preparation and reactions of haloaziridines; environmental chemistry-ground water contamination.

Gordon E. Tomasi, Professor Emeritus, Ph.D., University of Louisville, Biochemistry.