CCTS Application Checklist

  1. Completed 2-page Application (PDF)
    Applicant should download and print the application form. Complete the form and attach additional pages if necessary. Send the application by postal mail to the following address:
    • Dr. Robin Macaluso
      University of Northern Colorado
      Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
      Campus Box 98
      Greeley, CO 80639
  2. Two (2) separate completed Reference Forms
    • Applicant should download and print two copies of the Reference Form. Applicant completes the top portion of each Reference Form and requests two individuals to complete the Reference Form on the applicant's behalf. Reference Forms should be mailed by the References, not the applicant.
    • Suggestions to Applicant: When selecting references, ask individuals who can attest to your academic performance, particularly in math and/or science. References from recent community college experience are stronger than references from high school.
  3. Completed FAFSA, Be sure to send FAFSA information to UNC.
  4. Completed UNC Admissions Application (Include link to UNC Transfer Admissions application here.)


  • March 1: Applications completed and received
  • April 1: Notifying successfull applicants

Completed applications may be received at any time. However, applications must be completed and received by March 1st to receive priorority screening. We will begin notifying successfull applicants by April 1st.