The Chemistry Community College Transfer Scholarship

Recipients of the competitive scholarship will receive up to $10,000 per year toward a chemistry degree at UNC. The scholarships are renewable for up to three years. The scholarship will cover tuition, and education-related expenses, thereby eliminating the need to work off-campus.

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More than just financial support

In addition to financial assistance, scholarship recipients will become part of a student cohort that will have access to a variety of services designed for your success, including:

  • More direct student support from services like Financial Aid and Career Services.
  • In-depth degree and career advising from chemistry faculty.
  • Monthly seminars to connect scholars to on-campus student support services and chemistry opportunities outside of UNC.
  • Funds to support research experiences and research-related travel.
  • Opportunities to build a career network.
  • Research with faculty.

Outside the Classroom

Chemistry students can participate in the American Chemical Society Student Affiliate, allowing them to hold memberships to the American Chemical Society so they can experience the benefits without the full cost of membership. The student affiliate celebrates National Chemistry by hosting competitions and games throughout the week, and members volunteer to perform chemistry demonstrations throughout the community and sponsor various campus activities.

Chemistry and Biochemistry at UNC

In the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, you’ll learn and be advised from dedicated faculty members in modern classrooms and laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment. At UNC, we offer more than just an education; we give you the chance to get hands-on experience that will aid you in a career or graduate program.

Programs and Facilities

The University of Northern Colorado Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry offers the following:

  • An ACS-accredited B.S. program in chemistry and biochemistry, We also offer chemistry degrees with pre-health, forensics, secondary teaching and industrial chemistry emphasis areas.
  • Specialized instrumentation located in research and teaching laboratories with capabilities such as nuclear magnetic resonance, calorimetry and thermal gravimetric analysis.
  • Faculty members that are active in research in all major chemistry subdisciplines.
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