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American Chemical Society Student Affiliate

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        ACS is the American Chemical Society. It is a national society for professional chemists. ACS allows students to hold "affiliate" memberships - allowing them to experience the society without the full cost of membership. The ACS student affiliate at UNC is a group of ACS affiliate members that work to spread the fun of chemistry to the school and their community.


        ACS-SA celebrates National Chemistry Week by hosting competitions and games throughout the week. They volunteer to do chemistry demonstrations throughout the community at local schools and community events. Throughout the year ACS sponsors campus activities including a fall BBQ, monthly movie nights, a brewery tour, finals week snack break, and an annual spring banquet. Every year ACS takes part in a community service project. ACS also sponsors fund-raisers to provide money for these activities.

            ACS also allows chemistry students to meet and get to know other students in their major or minor field. Many of the ACS members are juniors and seniors in their majors and have experience with higher level classes, internships, and have developed relationships with professors, all of which can benefit new or future chemistry students.

bulletHOW DO I JOIN?

        Come to a meeting to join! Bi-Weekly meetings are held in Ross Hall in room 1040 on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:30pm. There is usually food for anyone joining us as well as new weekly demos. You only need to attend one meeting a week, as the second meeting is a duplicate for those who can not make the other time.


        A newsletter is sent out after each meeting by the ACS-SA secretary (Jayme Michishima). This includes a brief summary of the last meeting. There is also a monthly bulletin board posted on the third floor of Ross with news about events, important information, and advances in Chemistry.  

Constitution of the Student Affiliate of the American Chemical Society of UNC - Link

UNC Chemistry Department


The Program offers excellent undergraduate and graduate degree programs delivered by dedicated faculty in modern classrooms and laboratories. Undergraduate emphasis areas include ACS-certified degrees in Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Chemical Education. Additional emphasis areas are Pre-health (e.g., pre-med, pre-dent, pre-vet), Forensic Science, and Industrial Chemistry. Graduate programs include M.S. degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Education and a Ph.D. degree in Chemical Education. Faculty members are active in research in all major subdisciplines of chemistry.

"UNC Catalog"


Instrumentation: The School of Chemistry and Biochemistry is equipped with a centrally-located instrumentation facility supporting both research and teaching. Specialized instrumentation is located in various research and teaching laboratories. Capabilities include atomic absorption, fluorescence, nuclear magnetic resonance, UV-visible, laser, infrared, and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy; packed and capillary column gas (FID, MS and FT-IR detectors), high pressure liquid (fixed and variable wavelength UV-vis, refractive index, and radioisotope detectors) and low pressure liquid chromatography; polarography; polarimetry; mass spectrometry; high speed and ultra-centrifugation; radioisotopic techniques (liquid scintillation and auto-radiography); calorimetry; electrophoretic techniques (zonal, two-dimensional, and isoelectric focusing); thermal gravimetric analysis.

Ross Hall

        The School of Chemistry and Biochemistry is located in Ross Hall on the west campus. The office is in Ross 3480 and the telephone is (970) 351-2559.


Organic chemistry is the chemistry of carbon compounds. Biochemistry is the study of carbon compounds that crawl.
--Mike Adams

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