Biology Four-Year Plans

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General information about four-year plans

Each of the four-year plans is a recommendation for the classes that you should take each semester if you want to graduate in four years. The plans start with the freshman year, and they assume that you are not transferring in credits from a another institution.

Even if you follow these plans to the letter, it is important that you consult with your academic advisor each semester because s/he will be able to update you on changes in curriculum, the availability of elective classes, and give you a PIN number that you will need to register for classes.

Biology B.S. degree four-year plans

Biology four-year plans are available for each of the biology emphasis areas. These plans represent the current academic year catalog and were prepared by the Academic Support and Advising center.

You can also obtain four-year plans from your biology Academic Advisor. It is highly recommended that you meet with your Academic Advisor each semester to help you plan your path to graduation and to obtain your PIN number which is required for registration.