My research interests settle around the dynamics of vegetation in relation to disturbance. I am interested in the short and long-term response of vegetation communities to natural and applied (managed) disturbance. I am also interested in the spatial and temporal patterns of disturbances, which have an obvious effect on their severity. The two main disturbances that I have researched are fire and flooding. An additional area of interest is clonal plant integration.


General Ecology

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Disturbance Ecology

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School of Biological SciencesUniversity of Northern ColoradoGreeley, CO 80639-0017

Ph. (970) 351-2650

Fax (970) 351-2335


Professional Activites


Associate Editor, Vegetation Ecology The American Midland Naturalist

Ecological Society of America Panel on Vegetation Classification


Program Chair, 2009 Ecological Society of America Meeting, Albuquerque, NM

Chair, Vegetation Section - Ecological Society of America

Member-at-Large, Association of Southeastern Biologists

Vice-Chair, Southeastern Chapter- Ecological Society of America

Local Arrangments Chair - Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, Memphis, 2006

Biogeography Editorial Board; Geography Compass



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