Dr. Mitchell McGlaughlin, Associate Professor

Gregory DeKrey

Previous positions

  • Postdoctoral training: Ecological genetics, University of South Dakota, Department of Biology (2005-2008)


  • Ph.D.: Botany, Claremont Graduate University/Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, Claremont, CA (2005)
  • B.A.: Biology, Reed College, Portland, OR (1999)

Contact information

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Courses taught

  • Plant Systematics (BIO 330/530)

Course web site: Coming soon...

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Research interests

     Plant phylogeography on the California Channel Islands; Adaptive evolution in the Hawaiian silversword alliance; Conservation Genetics; Plant Speciation.

Laboratory web site: http://www.unco.edu/mcglaughlinlab/

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Grants, awards and professional honors

External grant awards

  • 2009-2012 -- NSF-Division of Environmental Biology - Population and Evolutionary Processes - ($145,070) "The role of isolation in species diversification; insights into dispersal and evolution of endemic Lotus from the California Channel Islands."
  • 2001-2004 -- Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Summer Research Award, ($2500 per year)
  • 2001-2003 -- Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Research & Travel Award ($9500)

Internal grant awards

  • Cynthia Lee Smith Botany Award, 2004 ($5200)
  • Claremont Graduate University, Graduate Student Council Travel Award, 2005 ($400), 2004 ($600), 2001 ($500)
  • Plant Speciation Symposium Grant, 2003 ($600)
  • Howard & Phoebe Brown Graduate Program Award, 2002 ($1550)
  • Goldhamer Scholarship Award, 2002 ($1300)
  • Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden Alumni Award, 2000 ($600)
  • Hughes Undergraduate Research Project, 1998 ($3000)
  • Sandy River Gorge Study Award, 1998 ($3000)


  • Botanical Society of America Margaret Menzel Award, 2005
  • California Botanical Society Best Completed Research Award, 2001
  • Reed College Award for Academic Achievement, 1999

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Peer-reviewed research publications

  1. McGlaughlin, M.E. in press. A conservation plan for Xylorhiza cognata (Asteraceae). Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden Occasional Publications.
  2. Friar, E.A., L.M. Prince, J.M. Cruse-Sanders, M.E. McGlaughlin, C.A. Butterworth, and B.G. Baldwin. in press. Hybrid origin and genomic mosaicism of Dubautia scabra (Hawaiian Silversword Alliance; Asteraceae--Madiinae). Systematic Botany.
  3. McGlaughlin, M.E., L.E. Wallace, and K. Helenurm. 2008. Isolation of microsatellite loci from the endangered plant Sibara filifolia (Brassicaceae). Molecular Ecology Resources 8: 367-369.
  4. McGlaughlin M.E, and E.A. Friar. 2007. Clonality in the endangered Ambrosia pumila (Asteraceae) inferred from RAPD markers; implications for conservation and management. Conservation Genetics 8: 319-330.
  5. Friar, E.A., J.E. Cruse-Sanders, and M.E. McGlaughlin. 2007. Gene flow in Dubautia arborea and D. ciliolata: the roles of ecology and isolation by distance in maintaining species boundaries despite ongoing hybridization. Molecular Ecology 16: 4028-4038.
  6. Friar, E.A., Prince LM., Roalson E.H., McGlaughlin M.E., Cruse-Sanders J.M., Degroot S.J., and J.M. Porter. 2006. Ecological speciation in the east Maui-endemic Dubautia (Asteraceae) species. Evolution 60: 1777-1792.
  7. McGlaughlin M, Karoly K, and T. Kaye. 2002. Genetic variation and its relationship to population size in reintroduced populations of pink sand verbena, Abronia umbellata subsp. breviflora (Nyctaginaceae). Conservation Genetics 3: 411-420.

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Recently presented papers and posters

  1. McGlaughlin, M.E. and K. Helenurm. 2008. Genetic differentiation among perennial Lotus taxa on San Clemente Island. Presentation at the California Islands Symposium, Oxnard, CA.
  2. McGlaughlin, M.E., L.E. Wallace, and K. Helenurm. 2007. Lineage sorting and the interpretation of phylogeogrpahic patterns in Lotus (Fabaceae) from the California Channel Islands. Presentation at Botanical Society of America Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.
  3. McGlaughlin, M.E., M. Brandsrud, and K. Helenurm. 2007. High levels of microsatellite differentiation in adjacent populations of the endangered, insular endemic Sibara filifolia. Presentation at Botanical Society of America Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.
  4. McGlaughlin, ME. 2006. Chloroplast capture in Dubautia laxa. University of South Dakota, Department of Biology Seminar Series, Vermillion, SD.
  5. McGlaughlin, ME. 2005. Adaptive diversification in Dubautia laxa (Asteraceae), a widespread member of the Hawaiian silversword alliance. Presentation at Botanical Society of America Annual Meeting, Austin, TX.
  6. McGlaughlin, ME. 2004. Patterns of inter-island dispersal in Dubautia laxa (Asteraceae). Claremont Colleges Biology Summer Seminar Series, Claremont, CA.
  7. McGlaughlin ME, Friar EA. 2004. Biogeography and sub-specific diversification in Dubautia laxa (Asteraceae). Presentation at Society for the Study of Evolution annual meeting.
  8. McGlaughlin, ME. 2001. Genetic Variability in Reintroduced Populations of Pink Sand Verbena. Presentation at California Botanical Society Annual Meeting, Chico, CA.
  9. McGlaughlin, ME. 1999. Genetic variability in clonal Oxalis oregana, (Oxalidaceae). Oregon Academy of Sciences Annual Meeting, Salem, OR.