Desert massasauga rattlesnake

This is an ongoing field project in southeastern Colorado which I initiated in 1994. I have been monitoring a population of massasaugas (a candidate for US endangered species status) and work included PIT-tagging over 200 snakes, extensive field observations, radiotelemetry and prey/habitat analyses. We are utilizing GPS and GIS technologies, and two graduate students (Rocky Manzer, Justin Hobert) and many undergraduates have participated and are participating in this study. Funding has been provided by the Colorado Division of Wildlife and the USDA/Forest Service, with additional support provided by the UNC Research Corp. I recently completed a species conservation assessment for the massasauga rattlesnake for the Wyoming Natural Diversity Database. Last fall we began work with a large population of prairie rattlesnakes ( Crotalus viridis viridis ) east of Greeley , and approximately 150 individuals from one den have been PIT-tagged. We will be monitoring various aspects of this population, including seasonal variation in venom composition.