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Research in this laboratory explores the basic mechanisms of animal immunology, physiology, cell biology and toxicology with the applied goal of improving human and animal health.


We are studying the regulatory mechanisms that govern resistance or susceptibility to Leishmania major, the infectious agent that causes a disease called cutaneous leishmaniasis. A major goal of this research is to identify novel cellular mechanisms that might be exploited as targets for drug treatment in Leishmania-infected animals and human patients.


We are studying the dysregulation of immune function in animals exposed to halogenated aromatic hydrocarbons (HAHs). Exposure to toxic levels of HAHs can markedly reduce disease resistance. Humans, livestock and wildlife are unavoidably exposed to HAHs through their environments, but the risk of adverse health outcomes due to environmental exposures is still unclear. A major goal of this research is to help explain the mechanisms of HAH toxicity in order to provide a better basis for assessing adverse health risks in HAH-exposed populations.

Bring your smiles to the laboratory

Bring your smiles everyone, and hop on down for some laboratory fun.
Injecting, gavaging, meetings too; lots of fun for me and you.
Counting and washing in the hood; cell culture, ooohhh so good!
Bring your smiles everyone, and hop on down for some laboratory fun.

-- Erin Lively, 2008

Pictures of some current and past lab people

My sincerest appologies to those of you who I didn't get pictures of.

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