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Lecture notes and other copyright-protected resources for each class can be found on Blackboard.

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Some thoughts on studying

The amount of studying required for you to achieve the grade you desire in a course is entirely dependent upon you as an individual. Some people may study an hour each week and be successful in achieving a grade of A. Others may study 10 times that amount and achieve a grade of D. The amount of studying is not equivalent to the quality of studying. Nor is each individual's preparation or "readiness" for a course the same. That said, a round-about minimum recommendation for all biology courses is three hours of studying for each hour of lecture. That means studying at least nine hours per week for a course that meets three hours each week.

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Tutoring for this class may be available through Tutoring Services.

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The current recommended/required textbook(s) for each course is listed on the syllabus for that course. The links below may be of assistance with purchasing your textbook.

The publishers of textbooks have on-line resources such as videos and practice quizzes that can be accessed for free if your purchased textbook came with login information.

  • Garland Science publishes Essential Cell Biology (used for BIO 210) and Janeway's Immunobiology (used for BIO 547).

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Contact information

If I don't respond to your email, it is possible that your message has been dumped into the spam box by the university email system. I recommend using your UNC account to contact any person on campus because this account is less likely to be viewed as a source of spam.

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Office hours

  • As indicated in your course syllabus.
  • By appointment -- please send me an email suggesting a time, and I will respond back to you.

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Exam make-up policy

My make-up policy for exams is as stated in the syllabus for each course. The only exception to the policies outlined in a course syllabus (other than those set forth by the University) is that I will allow taking exams within 24 hours prior to the scheduled exam time if an absence can be justified by both of the following:

  1. The event causing the absence was scheduled prior to the beginning of the semester;
  2. The scheduling of that event can be documented.

If you are eligible for a make-up exam, please contact me so I can schedule it. Make-up exams are taken in the main biology office (Ross Hall, room 2480). Please go to the biology office at the scheduled time and tell the secretary who you are and why you are there. She will give you the exam materials and find you a spot at a desk in the office where you can take the exam. When you are finished, please return all of the exam materials to the secretary.