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The Biological Science Department Imaging Suite was established in 2002 in the newly constructed North Addition of Ross Hall on the campus of the University of Northern Colorado (UNC).

The Imaging Suite was equipped with funds from;
1. Biological Science Department-start up funding & equipment
2. Dean of Arts & Sciences at UNC-staff and matching money
3. National Science Foundation RUI grant-equipment
4. Sponsored Programs at UNC-matching money

and a donation from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation of a JEOL 5200 Scanning Electron Microscope.

The primary goal of the Imaging Suite is to provide high quality imaging support for the students and faculty in the Biological Science Department, as well as members of the UNC community. A secondary goal is to provide support for outside collaborative work, especially with pre-collegiate teachers and students (outside collaborative work with UNC faculty or students are eligible for consideration for on campus rates). We would also be happy to talk to other groups or individuals such as scientists, governmental agencies and businesses about the services we can provide.

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