Biology imaging suite

New user information

Instruments in the Imaging Suite are available to authorized users. To become an authorized user, you must be trained in the use and care of the instruments and have an active Imaging Suite account.

To establish an Imaging Suite account, please complete this form and return it to: Diana Podein, School of Biological Sciences, University of Northern Colorado, Campus Box 92, Greeley, CO 80639.

Once your account is established, you can schedule training or the use of an instrument by contacting Ken Cochran, Imaging Suite Supervisor, by e-mail ( or telephone (970-351-2381).

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User fees

Instrument UNC rate Non-UNC rate
JEOL JSM 5200 SEM $10/hr $100/hr
Olympus FV500 Confocal $6/hr $100/hr
Leica Ultra Microtome $3/hr $12/hr
Critical Point Dryer $6/hr $25/run
Sputter Coater $6/hr $25/run
Technical Time Free $50/hr
Operator Time Free $50/hr
Supplies At cost At cost

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Instrument manuals

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Micortome and Ultramicrotome

Critical Point Drying

Sputter Coating

General Microscopy

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Imaging Suite history

The Imaging Suite in the School of Biological Science was established in 2002 in the newly constructed north wing of Ross Hall. This new facility was made possible with funds from the School, the College, and the SPARC office at UNC, in addition to a National Science Foundation RUI grant, and a donation from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. The primary goal of the Imaging Suite is to provide high quality imaging support for the students and faculty in the School of Biological Science, the members of the UNC community, and collaborators. The use of equipment in this facility can also be arranged for off-campus investigators.