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General information

There are about 350 biology majors at UNC who are distributed through four academic emphasis areas within the biology B.S. degree program:

  • Prehealth and Biomedical Sciences
  • Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Biology Secondary Teaching

For more information about the biology Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree and UNC in general, check out the links below.

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The learning environment

The classroom learning environment

The School of Biological Sciences is dedicated to giving you a top quality education. Unlike larger universities that have less emphasis on teaching, your professors will work hard to ensure that you learn up-to-date information and receive hands-on experiences inside and outside the classroom.

At UNC, class sizes are smaller than at larger universities, allowing you to interact with classmates and get to know your professors one-on-one. Professors also maintain extensive open office hours for students outside of class times. This allows you to pursue personalized instruction.

In the Ross Hall of Sciences where biology is housed, you will find rooms set aside for group studying, and these rooms are in proximity to your professor's offices.  In addition, most of the buildings on campus have comprehensive computer labs for your use, and wireless internet access is available almost everywhere.

Mentored research opportunities

The School of Biological Sciences has extensive, well-equipped research laboratory facilities, and most of the biology faculty are research active. If desired, you can work with one of these scientists on a research project. Faculty research expertise includes all the areas of biology from ecology to molecular biology. Your opportunities for learning science by doing science "at the bench" or "in the field" are limited only by your imagination. Check out more research and internship opportunities.

Monies are available to support your research experience through the UNC Sponsored Programs office (SPARC), the College of Natural and Health Sciences (NHS), and the Student Senate in the form of undergraduate research grants. In addition, the national biological honors society, Beta Beta Beta, of which the School of Biological Sciences is a member (Chapter Phi Omicron), provides research funds to undergraduate students through their own granting process.