The LEAP program will bring together its third cohort of 24 incoming freshmen majoring in Biology or Chemistry with a pre-health emphasis beginning in the Fall 2017 semester

What is LEAP

The goal of our program is to foster and cultivate an inclusive environment for students seeking pre-health degrees in biology or chemistry. Involvement with LEAP will enhance both your academic and personal life as you develop confidence, competency and autonomy.

Opportunities associated with LEAP

  • Join us on campus June 10-13, 2017 for new student orientation and a LEAP workshop— conduct a research project, get to know your LEAP coordinator, the faculty, and the programs, and meet your fellow LEAP bears.
  • Take classes together as a cohort. You will take your introductory biology and chemistry courses as a group—making it easier to find study partners and ace your freshman year.
  • Enroll in BIO 102—a course designed to help you successfully navigate the exciting, crazy, and often scary first semester of college. At UNC, we have high expectations for you (and for your future) and want to provide a challenging and supportive environment.
  • Become part of a vibrant community with lots of opportunities. It is also a great way to meet friends and have fun!

Our program provides many benefits

  • One-on-one interactions with your LEAP coordinator
  • Bi-weekly workshops on topics such as leadership development, wellness, and cultural competency
  • Academic advising
  • Courage to Excel Scholarship and others
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Tutoring
  • Opportunity to connect with health professionals

We look forward to welcoming you to our LEAP community!

If you have questions, contact the LEAP Coordinator, Cynthia Hanevik at cynthia.hanevik@unco.edu or 970.351.2921.

Why cohorts?

The term cohort is used to describe a small group of people who have something in common. Our LEAP program will enable you to study and learn with other pre-health bears—and in doing so will provide a community and collaboration opportunities. It is also a great way to meet new friends and have fun!

What courses will I take as part of the cohort?

  • BIO 102
  • CHEM 111
  • CHEM 111L
  • BIO 110
  • BIO 110 Lab

The leap program is funded by:

Funded by

Funded by

All incoming freshmen interested in a career in pre-health are encouraged to apply.  Students that are first generation, coming from a lower socio-economic background, or student of color are encouraged to explore this opportunity and apply to be part of the 2017 LEAP cohort.