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Anthony Saviola

Dr. Anthony J. Saviola

Anthony graduated with his PhD from the University of Northern Colorado in spring 2015, and he received both the Graduate Dean’s Citation for Excellence (PhD student) and the Graduate Dean’s Citation for Outstanding Dissertation. His dissertation explored several aspects of the biological roles of disintegrins in venoms and their potential as anti-cancer therapeutics contributing to rational drug design. He also conducted proteomic analyses of rattlesnake and colubrid snake venoms and has recently published the proteome of the Prairie Rattlesnake (Crotalus viridis viridis) from Colorado. He was a postdoctoral research scientist at Cornell Medical School in New York City and was working in a cancer research laboratory where he honed many molecular techniques and coauthored several papers. Anthony is currently a postdoctoral research scientist in the lab of Dr. Seth Frietze at the University of Vermont.

Cassie Modahl graduated with her PhD in 2016 and she received the Graduate Dean’s Citation for Excellence (PhD). She specializes in RNA-seq, differential gene expression analysis and de novo transcriptome assembly. She is now a postdoctoral research scientist in the lab of Dr. R.M. Kini and is working on several projects involving genomics/bioinformatics related to mosquito-borne viral diseases. She is still working with venomous snake transcriptomics, proteomics, and genomics, and she has broadened her work to include other natural toxin sources such as sea anemones and ants. Cassie has an interest in using integrated ‘omic’ methods to tackle research questions on a broader scale, and her focus is on research questions involving molecular adaptation in predator-prey or vector-pathogen systems.

 C Modahl

Dr. Cassandra M. Modahl

Brenda K. Jones

Brenda Jones completed her Masters degree on the venom phenotype of the White-lipped Island Pitviper, Trimeresurus insularis, in 2015. She is currently working at HTG Molecular Diagnostics in Tucson AZ as a Corporate Applications Specialist.

Chris Rex completed his Masters degree at UNC in 2013; he is currently a math teacher at Fort Wayne Community Schools in Indiana.

Christopher J. Rex