Katie Bright

Don Finan, PhD
Associate Professor

Office: Gunter 1480
Phone: 970.351.1897
Fax: 970.351.2974


  • PhD, Speech Physiology & Developmental Neuroscience, Indiana University
  • MS, Speech Pathology, Eastern Illinois University
  • BS, Speech Pathology & Audiology, Eastern Illinois University


  • Speech science
  • Voice production and disorders
  • Neuroscience of communication
  • Interested in developing new approaches to teaching courses in the speech and hearing sciences

Research Interests

  • Aspects of motor control for speech and other oromotor behaviors
  • Perturbation paradigms to investigate oromotor control in infants, children and adults to altered sensorimotor environments
  • Speech and feeding development in infants
  • Development of respiratory/laryngeal coordination for speech in children
  • Responses to auditory perturbation (altered auditory feedback or acoustic startle) in individuals who stutter
  • Articulatory responses to lingual perturbation
  • Co-developer of the Actifier II and NTrainer technologies, devices used to assess and provide therapeutic stimulation to premature infants with oromotor feeding deficits