Academic Structure Discussions

The University is currently engaged in an examination of its academic structure.  Each college has been invited to initiate a process to consider its organization and solicit restructuring proposals with the goal of best meeting the college needs and supporting quality improvement of our academic programs.  The purpose of this website is to make available the documents related to this process.

Academic Structure Working Group
The NHS Academic Structure Working Group is the body that will recommend procedures for the generation, discussion, and review of restructuring proposals and implement those procedures after their development and approval.  The Working Group members will also facilitate inclusive and transparent communication about this process through two-way communication between their NHS colleagues and the Working Group.  Restructuring proposals will be made available on this website. 

Working Group Membership
The Working Group consists of one faculty representative from each NHS school, selected by the faculty of that school; two School Director representatives, selected by the NHS Leadership Team; and, in ex officio capacities, the NHS Dean and Business Manager.  The Working Group may, at its discretion, select one additional “at large” representative to address any issues of inadequate representation by a key stakeholder population. 

Faculty Representatives                                  
Jamie Erskine – Human Sciences 
Scott Franklin – Biological Sciences 
Richard Grassl - Mathematical Sciences
Dianna Gray – Sport and Exercise Science 
Bill Hoyt – Earth Sciences and Physics 
Richard Hyslop – Chemistry and Biochemistry 
Vicki Wilson – Nursing
Janice Hayes - Nursing (serving as Vicki Wilson's replacement during Vicki's Fall 2010 sabbatical leave)

Director Representatives 
David Pringle – Chemistry and Biochemistry
David Stotlar – Sport and Exercise Science

Ex Officio Representatives 
Denise Battles - Dean
Debbie Pirera – NHS Business Manager

NOTE:  The original fall 2009 timeline for academic structure discussions was modified when it became evident that additional guidance on restructuring would be issued at the university level.  The Provost's December 8, 2009 memo (available below) supplied that additional information, whereupon a spring 2010 timeline was established.  The college expects to make available in fall 2010 another opportunity to consider restructuring proposals, and that timeline will be made available soon.

NHS Procedures for Restructuring Proposals - originally approved for Fall 2009
NHS Procedures for Restructuring Proposals - for use in Spring 2010
NHS Procedures for Restructuring Proposals - for use in Fall 2010

Restructuring Proposals
Proposal from the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Proposal from the School of Earth Sciences and Physics (spring 2010)

Proposal from the School of Earth Sciences and Physics (fall 2010)

Electronic Feedback Form - Contact the Working Group

Relevant Documents
* Recommendations of the President's Planning Council (PPC)
* President's response to PPC recommendations
* Provost's memo regarding "Criteria and Process for Restructuring"
* Provost’s final restructuring memo
* Dean's memo regarding "NHS Academic Structure"
* Provost's memo regarding "Selection and Evaluation of Department Chairs"
* University's Academic Plan