UNC Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehab Institute Workshop Draws Participants Worldwide

Preliminary findings from cognitive tests before and after using the "brain" bike show promise for reducing negative effects of the chemo treatments. Photo courtesy of RMCRI

The Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehabilitation Institute at the University of Northern Colorado is bringing together heath care professionals from as far away as Australia and England for a campus workshop this week.

Participants, who work with cancer patients in areas including exercise, physical therapy, and rehab, receive training from July 28 through Aug. 1 at the institute in the Ben Nighthorse Campbell Center, 913 19th Street. Classes include hands-on training in an exercise intervention program for cancer patients.

The latest research on the effects of exercise on patients undergoing treatment for cancer will also be provided.

The Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehabilitation Institute, a leader in the field of cancer rehabilitation, provides the workshop each year. Founded in 1996, it's the only comprehensive cancer rehabilitation institute of its kind. The institute provides individualized rehabilitative services for cancer survivors in the northern Colorado region, conducts cutting-edge research to understand why and how exercise and nutritional interventions may alleviate treatment-related side effects, and educates those individuals in providing cancer rehabilitation services to survivors.

Institute Facts and Figures

The Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehabilitation Institute has:

  • Provided clinical services to over 1,300 adult survivors
  • Provided cancer rehabilitation services to approximately 150 cancer survivors per year from northern Colorado and surrounding areas
  • Published over 75 original, peer-reviewed research articles in some of our field's most prestigious journals
  • Published two textbooks on cancer rehabilitation
  • Given over 200 presentations at national, regional and local meetings
  • Received over $2 million in grant funding from multiple agencies including the American Cancer Society, the Komen Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and the Department of Health and Human Services
  • Established research collaborations with leading cancer institutions such as MD Anderson Cancer Center and the University of Colorado Cancer Center
  • Trained more than 675 undergraduate and 215 Masters and Doctoral graduate students as Cancer Exercise Specialists
  • Supervised more than 170 undergraduate interns in cancer rehabilitation
  • Trained over 100 healthcare professionals in cancer rehabilitation