Faces of 2014 Graduates: Bachelor's Degree at Age 19

Graduating with a near-perfect grade point average with a bachelor's degree in Psychology, 19-year-old Alisha Wolfrum has already conducted research that she hopes will help elementary school students learn more easily.

"I collect data to determine whether giving high school students topic choices to write about increases their motivation and quality of their writing," Wolfrum explained. "This is my fun. I love studying people and their behavior."

Wolfrum began college at 16, when she took high school and Aims Community College courses concurrently. Since then, she has interned at a detox unit in Greeley and Crisis Stabilization Services, where she helped people suffering from mental health crises.

"My end goal is to figure out why people do certain things, to study their behavior in effort to understand what's going on in their heads," Wolfrum said.

Within the next year, Wolfrum, of Greeley, will complete her master's degree in Educational Psychology with plans to pursue a doctoral degree in the same field. Ultimately, she wants to teach at the university level while conducting research.