Faces of 2014 Graduates: Redefining Herself through Study Abroad

Bethany Blackburn spent 22 months abroad during her undergraduate studies, studying in such places as Germany, France and Ireland - including at the University of Cologne in Germany. Because of her consistent blogging while abroad, offering tips on how to save money or find the right apartment while living in another country, the Monfort College of Business awarded her the All-Star Scholarship.

Blackburn, from Arvada, will graduate with a degree in Business Administration: Management and French, with a minor in Global Business. After graduation, she plans to launch a fashion website while pursuing her master's degree in International Business Management in Belgium. She eventually wants to be an international business development cross-cultural consultant, which means she will train businesses how to produce successful marketing techniques to the German culture.

While in Germany and France, Blackburn worked as an au pair to make extra money. She taught young school children American customs and games while tutoring them in English. The experience helped her navigate the languages and immersed her deeply into each culture.

Blackburn encourages every student at UNC to study abroad at some point.

"When you only stay in your domestic realm, with a cultural anchor blinding you, suddenly when you go abroad all those anchors are pulled up and you get to pursue that beautiful but difficult process of defining yourself."