UNC Jazz Band to Prepare for China Trip with Free Concert Monday

To get ready for its upcoming trip to China to give concerts in prestigious venues, UNC's award-winning Jazz Lab Band 1 will perform a free concert at 6 p.m. Monday, May 12, at the Garden Theatre.

Through a coordinated effort by graduate student Chang Su, a Jazz Studies major, and China's Poly Group, which encourages cross-culture and business ventures, the band and the UNC Jazz Faculty Quartet secured performances at the Tianjin Conservatory of Music, Beijing's Central Conservatory of Music and the Shanghai Conservatory of Music.

Ten graduate students and nine undergraduate students will make the trip along with faculty members Dana Landry (piano), who also serves as the director of Jazz Studies, Jim White (drums), Erik Applegate (bass) and Steve Kovalcheck (guitar).

The group leaves May 13 on the two-week tour.

When not performing, some members of the group will present clinics at conservatories. Time has been set aside for sightseeing, with plans to visit downtown Beijing, the Forbidden City and a Temple of Confucius.