UNC's Cumbres Program Recognized by Excelencia in Education

A national organization recognized University of Northern Colorado's Cumbres teacher preparation program.

Each year, Excelencia in Education releases the "What Works for Latino Students in Higher Education Compendium." Examples of Excelencia was established in 2005 to identify and honor programs and departments increasing academic opportunities and improving achievement for Latino students. The compendium is widely distributed online to Excelencia in Education's 16,000 plus constituents including key educational organizations and policy leaders.

Cumbres is highlighted in the essay section, titled "Culturally Compelling Strategies for Latino Students" (on page 6 at http://www.edexcelencia.org/sites/default/files/examples2013compendium05.pdf):

Cumbres Teacher Prep - University of Northern Colorado (2009 Example of Excelencia Finalist): Cumbres prepares students through a challenging curriculum and supportive environment to become role models and leaders in the educational community. The ultimate goal is to improve teacher preparation for the instruction of Hispanic students, language minority students, children of poverty, and other diverse populations to eventually increase their graduation rates. With talented and skilled role models in the K-12 classrooms, the academic success of these students will soar, benefiting the individuals, their families, their community, and society as a whole. (http://www.unco.edu/cumbres)

Since its inception more than 500 programs have been submitted for consideration and more than 100 have been highlighted by Excelencia in Education. Examples of Excelencia compiles evidence-based practices and serves as a resource for other programs and institutions considering efforts to improve their service to Latino students in higher education. For more information, visit EdExcelencia.org.

For more information, please visit: http://www.EdExcelencia.org/research/2013-what-works-latino-students-higher-education