Next Steps in UNC Logo Review Process

The second phase of a three-phase plan for UNC's logo development is now under way. The Logo Committee and Creative Brief Groups will meet with Torch Creative, the firm selected to complete logo design, to help formulate logo concepts.

Torch has worked with numerous professional organizations and universities on logo development.

Updates will be included in UNC Today.

Additional information about the logo development process

The overall logo review and design process is being led by a Logo Committee.The process involves three phases:

  • Phase 1: Logo Review and Recommendation. Phase 1 was completed on September 18, 2013. A link to the Logo Committee's summary report with recommendations can be found at: As part of the review and recommendation phase, extensive research was completed including an online survey to students, faculty, staff, alumni, benefactors and community members. Over 1,200 responses to the online survey were gathered. Using information from the online survey, more granular questions were developed and discussed with focus groups. UNC's Survey Research Lab conducted the online survey, focus groups, data tabulation and reporting. An additional report was provided by the creative firm regarding the artistic integrity of the logos.
  • Phase 2: Creative. The creative phase begins with a series of creative briefing sessions. After the creative briefings, sketched alternatives will be developed by Torch Creative. The initial sketches will be reviewed by the Logo Committee and the university executive staff. More refined logo options will be provided to the creative briefing groups for feedback at the appropriate time. Additionally, feedback will be gathered from the university's broader base of constituents prior to logo release and implementation.
  • Phase 3: Implementation. The release of a new university logo system is expected in the spring of 2014 pending the completion of acceptable designs. Simultaneous to the creative phase, an inventory of items that require replacement with new logos will be completed. Logo implementation will be based on priority and budget.