UNC Psychology, Teaching Education Ranked for Degree Offerings

Two programs at the University of Northern Colorado have earned national rankings for offering an array of degree options for students.

The College Database ranks UNC 12th on its list of 39 Colleges with Psychology at Their Core and 44th on its list of Top U.S. Colleges & Universities for Teaching Education.

UNC was recognized for offering 13 different psychology-based degree programs and 45 teaching education degree programs.

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Complete rankings for the Top Colleges & Universities are available at http://www.onlinecollegesdatabase.org/top-colleges-and-universities-for-teaching

Complete rankings for 39 Colleges with Psychology at Their Core are available at http://www.onlinecollegesdatabase.org/colleges-with-psychology-at-their-core

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College of Education and Behavioral Sciences: http://www.unco.edu/cebs/sdci