Celebrating a 47-Year Career

Dennis Morimoto, circa 1964, top, and 2012. Related: Take a sneak peek below at photos from "47… a Dennis Morimoto Invitational.”

If you talk to anyone who's been through UNC's School of Art and Design in the past four or so decades, school director Dennis Morimoto's name is bound to come up. Since receiving both his bachelor's and master's degrees from UNC, he's been serving the university in a variety of capacities for the past 47 years.In that time, he's made an indelible impact on the professional and personal lives of countless students.

If you talk to Morimoto, you'll notice that he rarely uses the word "I." Instead, you'll hear about all of the cuttingiedge equipment and facilities "we've" made available to students, the accomplishments of other faculty members and the School of Art and Design's recent national accreditation.

It's like a big family here," said Morimoto. "We believe in our students and it's a very strong program. Not only are we at the strongest point that we have ever been as a school of art, the whole College of the Performing and Visual Arts is possibly at the best point that it has ever been in the history of the university."

With all of his enthusiasm and forward thinking, you'd hardly guess that this is a man on the verge of retirement.

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