Chemist Selected as Young Observer Fellow by National Academy of Sciences

Robin Macaluso portrait

Robin Macaluso

University of Northern Colorado Associate Professor Robin Macaluso is one of 10 chemists nationwide to be selected a Young Observer Fellow by the National Academy of Sciences.

As a Young Observer Fellow, Macaluso will participate in the 47th International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry General Assembly and 44th World Chemistry Congress on Aug. 8-16 in Istanbul, Turkey.

The selection of Young Observer Fellows is a highly competitive process held biennially. Young Observer Fellows are chosen as a new generation of distinguished researchers who will address international scientific policy issues.

Macaluso also leads a grant-funded project exploring the next generation of efficient lighting, which could result in more affordable, longer-lasting options for light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, in the future. Read More

Macaluso, who earned her Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry from Louisiana State University, has taught at UNC since 2006. Her research focuses on the synthesis and characterization of magnetically interesting materials with emphasis on solid-state materials.

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