UNC Recognizes Students’ Research Projects

Winners of the University of Northern Colorado's annual Research Excellence Awards, based on presentations given on April 11 as part of the school's annual Research Day, have been announced. The winner in each category will receive a $100 gift card. Award categories and presentations receiving awards were:

Undergraduate Research Excellence Posters

Winner: Elizabeth Maxey
"An Examination of the Cytotoxic Effects of Snake Venom on Human Colon Cancer Cells"
Faculty Sponsor: Stephen Mackessy

Second Place: Evelyn Ortega
"How Individuals who Stutter, Graduate Student Clinicians, and an Experienced Speech-Language Pathologist Perceive Success in Fluency Therapy"
Faculty Sponsor: Kimberly Murza

Finalists: Ana Caudillo, Kittra Gonzales, Kristen Holm, Valerie Nirschl-Coats, Shaina Rush, Kyle Yeager

Graduate Research Excellence Posters

Winner: Traci Parry
"Cardiac Dysfunction in the Tumor Bearing Rat"
Faculty Sponsor: Reid Hayward

Second Place: Eric Bredahl
"Effects of a Resistance Training Model on Doxorubicin-Induced Muscle Dysfunction in the Rat"
Faculty Sponsor: David Hydock

Finalists: Fatimah Alebrahim, Jessica Brown, Noah Gibson, Karen Traxler and Mary Siegrist

Undergraduate Research Excellence Oral Presentations

Winner: Matthew Karp
"Out From Under the Cosh: The Impact of Football on English Working Class Identity through Cartoons, 1900-1925"
Faculty Sponsor: Steven Seegel

Second Place: Caitlin Miller
"Somali Refugee Interpretations of Trauma-Related Mental Illness: Similarities and Differences between the Somali Concepts of ‘Murugo Joogto' and ‘Qulub' and PTSD"
Faculty Sponsor: Theodore Bashore

Amber Rea, Aly Archuleta and Katey Morrison, Lauren Koppel, Austin Seeley, Jamie Walter

Graduate Research Excellence Oral Presentations

Winner: Anthony Saviola
"Molecular Basis for Prey Relocation in Viperid Snakes"
Faculty Sponsor: Stephen Mackessy

Second Place: Danya Carroll
"American Indian Youth Perspectives on Traditional Food Systems"
Faculty Sponsor: Teresa Sharp

Finalists: Corrie Groesbeck and Emily Schroeder, Rick Adams, Nat Warning

The Research Excellence Awards program was established to encourage and reward those Research Day presentations that exemplify the highest levels of excellence in research. Only a limited number of presentations were accepted into the awards program, and each was evaluated on Research Day by a team of faculty judges.

Research Day is part of Academic Excellence Week, an annual event to celebrate and honor academic excellence throughout the university. AEW is coordinated and sponsored by the Center for Honors, Scholars and Leadership in conjunction with various academic programs and offices across the campus.


Angela Henderson, Robert Mondi, Janice Dickensheets, Mel Moore, Josh Packard, Susan Hutchinson, Brian Iannachionne, Lauryn Benedict, Thomas Smith, David Gilliam, Anna Ursyn, Wendy Highby, Juliet Fried