Customized Campus Living - Reserve a DIFFERENT Space Starting Today

Living on campus definitely has its perks. Keep a good thing going and sign up for another year of customized campus living at UNC in somewhere completely new. UNC's off-campus housing makes the transition from residence hall to apartment easy. Enjoy a new kind of independence at Arlington or University Apartments, while still living close to campus. Either way, you definitely have options:

Customized Campus Living: On Campus

Change means new, and new can be exciting. Claim a different space on campus starting today through midnight on Wednesday, Feb. 13.

Customized Campus Living: Off Campus

Arlington Apartments: Choose a fully furnished two- or four-bedroom unit to make your own, with less than a five minute walk to campus. Air conditioning, washer and dryer and individual leases are just a few of the amenities this apartment complex has to offer. For more information call (970) 356-7275.

University Apartments: Flexible leases on both furnished and unfurnished two-bedroom apartments, free laundry, a fitness room and easy access to campus make these apartments a good fit for just about anyone. Call (970) 351-2570 for more information.

On- and Off-Campus Meal Plans (no dirty dishes to clean)

Whether you live in a residence hall, campus apartment complex or other form of off-campus housing, you can still take advantage of having a meal plan and all they have to offer. With 10 options to choose from, create the best plan that works for you. For more information contact Dining Services at (970) 351-2652.

  • Add Dining Dollars at any time
  • Swipe your card on campus at dining halls, retail locations and select vending machines
  • Get a meal to go when you're in a hurry

Questions? Contact Housing & Residential Education at (970) 351-2721.