UNC Celebrating 100 Years of Graduate Education

The University of Northern Colorado's Graduate School will commemorate 100 years of providing post-baccalaureate education this year and is starting the celebration by asking its alumni to share memories of their experiences as grad students and where they are now on the "Century of Scholars" website.

The website is a window through time, containing a detailed history of the Graduate School, a timeline marking 100 years of milestones, an events calendar and a place for alumni and others to share their stories.

Black and white photos of the Classes of 1913, 1920, 1956 and many others appear throughout the site, and several stories from recent and not-so-recent graduates are already available for reading, allowing visitors to the site to easily compare the experiences of someone who graduated in 1965 to those of someone who graduated as recently as 2011.

In 1913, three students at what was then called Colorado Teachers College received the first master's degrees - in teaching, of course - awarded by the school. Today, the Graduate School has 2395 students enrolled and more than 100 programs of study. The school has awarded a total 53,457 graduate degrees.

For more information, please visit: http://www.unco.edu/grad100