Interim Session Grades Due Jan. 16

The deadline for submitting final grades for interim session courses is 5 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 16. Grades submitted after the deadline will negatively affect students' financial aid or graduation. Please direct questions to Michelle Heiny in the Registrar's Office, 351-1839. Grade explanations and instructions for assigning final grades are available on the Registrar's website.

Please note that:

  • A grade of "F" is for those students who did attend/participate but are no longer going to class and did not drop or withdraw. Remember to include the last day of attendance for these students.
  • A grade of "UW" indicates an unauthorized withdrawal and is assigned only when the student has never attended the class for which they were enrolled.
  • A grade of "I" is assigned due to unanticipated circumstances the last week of the term that made the student unable to complete course requirements within the allotted time (e.g. they missed the final examination due to sickness, an emergency in the family).

For technical support when submitting grades in Ursa, contact the Technical Support Center at 351-4357 or

For more information, please visit:



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