UNC’s McNair Scholars Present Research in New York

Group photo of UNC's McNair Scholars

UNC's McNair Scholars who presented at a conference in New York last month were: (front row, left to right) Miranda Ochoa, Kara Yamasaki, Andrea Rascon, Kyle Jones, Kashia Bayard, Kayla Howerton, Robyn Moore, Brianne Posey; (back row, left to right) Seth Morones, Miranda Klosterman, Cherise Frazier; (not pictured) Elia Martin, Danielle Ingle, BreOnna Tindall

Thirteen UNC McNair scholars were among the 100 students from across the country who presented the results of their year-long research studies during the University at Buffalo's 18th annual McNair Research Conference held July 19-21 in Niagara Falls, New York.

UNC presenters and their research projects were:

Kashia Bayard
"Exploring the Outcomes and Perceptions of Traditional and Post-Baccalaureate Audiology and Speech-Language Sciences Students"
Mentor: Julie Hanks, Audiology & Speech Language Sciences

Cherise Frazier
"College Academic Success: Prior Motivations and Perceptions of Parents"
Mentor: Kevin Pugh, Psychology

Kayla Howerton
"A Comparison of Postural Stability in Gymnasts, Volleyball Players, and Non-Athletes"
Mentor: Kathryn Bright, Audiology & Speech Language Sciences

Danielle Ingle
"Flexibility and Postural Stability in Young Adults"
Mentor: Gary Heise, Sport & Exercise Science

Kyle Jones
"Using Social Media to Reinforce Binge Drinking Normative Behaviors: A Comparison of American and Australian College Students"
Mentor: Diane Schott, Sociology

Mia Klosterman
"Self-Esteem and Relationship Perception"
Mentor: Elizabeth Pascoe, Psychology

Elia Martin
"Using Self-Determination Theory to Examine the Motivation of Ethnic College Students"
Mentor: Teresa McDevitt, Psychology

Robyn Moore
"Defining Support: Families of Children with Special Needs and the Role of the Speech Language Pathologist"
Mentor: Kathy Fahey, Audiology & Speech Language Sciences

Miranda Ochoa
"Staff Perceptions and Experiences at a Residential Treatment Center"
Mentor: Jill Bezyak, Human Services

Brianne Posey
"Gender Difference in Preference and Prejudice for Female Body Shapes"
Mentor: Carl Granrud, Psychology

Andrea Rascon
"College Experiences: First-Generation Female Undergraduates"
Mentor: Tamara Yakaboski, Higher Education & Student Affairs Leadership

BreOnna Tindall
"Where is the Black Barbie? An Analysis of the Media's Depiction of Single Black Women"
Patricia Jolly, Anthropology

Kara Yamasaki
"College Students and Hookup Behavior"
Mentor: Thom Dunn, Psychology

The UNC McNair Scholars Program is funded by the U.S. Department of Education and prepares eligible juniors and seniors for doctoral study. McNair Scholars spend an academic year learning to conduct research within their disciplines, complete a six-week research internship, present their research at academic conferences and prepare for graduate school admission.

For more information, visit the program's website.

For more information, please visit: http://www.unco.edu/mcnair