Visiting Scholar to Lecture on Ethics in Criminal Justice

An expert from American University will deliver a public lecture titled "Putting Philosophy into Practice: How to Think Morally about Criminal Justice" at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 12, in the Panorama Room of the University Center, intersection of 10th Avenue and 20th Street.

Jeffrey A. Reiman's lecture is open to the public free of charge. The philosophy professor will field questions from the audience following his presentation.

The lecture is part of Reiman's two-day visit to UNC. Reiman will also teach a master class on the death penalty, meet with undergraduate students and participate in a faculty luncheon to discuss scholarship and teaching between philosophy and the social sciences.

Reiman joined the American University faculty in 1970. He's authored or co-authored seven books on topics of philosophy, the death penalty, abortion and ethics and published more than 50 articles in philosophy and criminal justice publications.

Reiman's visit is funded by the Schulze Fund for Interdisciplinary Studies, and co-sponsored by the Institute of Professional Ethics, the programs in Philosophy, Criminal Justice and Sociology, and the Life of the Mind Program. The UNC Institute of Professional Ethics was founded in 1992 to foster research, teaching, and training in applied ethics. As part of UNC's College of Humanities and Social Science, the programs in Philosophy, Criminal Justice, and Sociology are committed to the liberal arts tradition of advancing human knowledge through serious scholarship, superior instruction, and the freedom of academic inquiry. The Life of the Mind Program and the Schulze Fund for Interdisciplinary Studies promote interdisciplinary teaching and scholarship at UNC.