Defenses of Dissertation and Oral Comprehensive Examinations

Defenses of Dissertation

Friday, June 10 – Chen, C.-K. (Educational Studies)
1 p.m., McKee 213
“Language Education for Indigenous Children in Taiwan"
M. Milian, D. Phillips, D. Walker, D. Romero

Thursday, June 16 – Dreier, A. (Counseling Psychology)
Noon, McKee 282
“Defining and Impact Construct Applicable to Offender Therapists: The Therapist Resilience Theory: Offense-Specific"
M. O’Halloran, S. Wright, M. Athanasiou, T.Funn

Thursday, June 16 – Hawkinson, A. (Biological Education)
11:30 a.m., Ross 0090
“Experimental Infection of Jamaican Fruit Bats (Artibeus jamaicensis) with Tacaribe Virus”
T. Schountz, S. Keenan, R. Adams, S. Pulos

Monday, June 20 – Johnson, K. (Nursing Education)
11 a.m., Gunter 2090
“A Comparison of Levels of Empowerment and Clinical Decision-Making in Senior Bachelor of Science Nursing Students Enrolled in a Curriculum Based on a Caring Nurse Theorist and a Curriculum Not Based on a Caring Nurse Theorist”
C. Roehrs, J. Hayes, M. Valerio, L. Lohr

Tuesday, June 21 – Jensen, B. (Sport and Exercise Science)
1:30 p.m., Gunter 2600
“The Effect of exercise on Cardiac Function and Doxorubicin Accumulation in Left Ventricular Tissue of Rats”R. Hayward, C. Schneider, D. Hydock, P. Burns

Monday, June 27 – Ries, J. (School Psychology)
11 a.m., McKee 282
“Diagnostic Capability of School Psychologists in the Identification of Autism”
K. Kohler-Hak, R. Hess, E. Peterson, S. Hutchinson

Oral Comprehensive Examinations

Wednesday, June 15 – Stanley, M. J. (Nursing Education)
11 a.m., Gunter 3000
J. Hayes, K. Dingley, J. Giddons, R. Silverman

Friday, June 17 – Eriksson, U. J. (Music Performance)
11 a.m., McMillan Room, Skinner Music Library
A. Dahlke, R. Ehle, D. Kauffman, N. Peercy

Wednesday, June 29 – Einhellig, K. (Nursing Education)
9 a.m., Gunter 2090
K. LaSala, L. Clukey, A. Merrill, L. Lohr

Thursday, June 16 – Fiedler, K. (Educational Studies)
9 a.m., McKee 312
M. Opitz, M. Lahman, M. Berg, K. Pugh