UNC’s DNA Unveiled at Celebration

Billboards appearing in northern Colorado as part of UNC’s new branding campaign include this one.

Nearly 1,000 students, faculty and staff who make up the DNA of the University of Northern Colorado gathered in the University Center ballrooms yesterday to get a first-hand introduction to the university’s new brand identity, slogan and marketing messages.

Speakers included students, faculty and staff who offered examples supporting a slogan that captures the university’s essence ’’ "Bringing education to life."

Chuck Leonhardt, vice president of University Relations, noted that capturing that essence and developing the words and images to communicate it was a yearlong process that involved all segments of the university community. Leonhardt and University Relations staff guided the process.

President Kay Norton explained that the real UNC experience is based on its community, ways of learning and making a difference in each individual’s life and the lives of others.

"Together we are all learners and we are doers and we are bringing education to life," Norton said. "That is what it means to be a Bear."

According to Letisha Brown, a senior Africana Studies major, among the things that make education come to life for students at UNC are the available opportunities, which for her included the opportunity to study in Istanbul, Turkey.

Brown admits that she may not remember every detail of her trip abroad, but she knows she will never forget who provided her the opportunity.

"I will remember that that extraordinary academic journey was made possible because I made the decision to move to UNC," she said.

Vish Iyer, professor of Marketing, echoed agreed that UNC provides opportunities for students to excel. He also said that the new identity and the plan to communicate it will help move UNC past being the "best-kept secret" to become the "best-known secret."

- Christina Romero

UNC’s New Brand Identity
Based on extensive research and testing involving the university’s various audiences an identity statement was created that summarizes who UNC is, what it does and what it provides. Along with this statement, five core message themes that represent the culture of UNC were developed. Finally, a slogan that succinctly describes UNC was created. These elements will be used to align university-wide communication and are illustrated in the branding campaign launched this week.

Identity Statement
Our culture is inclusive, caring and genuine. We offer an inspirational and supportive environment where people from all walks of life can be true to themselves and their journeys. We believe that the best education is transformative, delivered with humanity, and obtained when students and faculty connect, explore and learn together. Our broad academic offerings and far-reaching influence share a common theme of advancing human understanding and contributing on a global scale. We build on the classroom experience and venture beyond to more fully discover the world and gain invaluable preparation for rewarding careers and lives. We are dedicated to making a positive impact in our communities and in the lives of those around us.

Messaging Themes
Find Your Sense of Belonging
We are an inclusive, caring and genuine community that delivers education with humanity. There’s a strong sense of belonging and camaraderie in an environment that supports being true to ourselves and who we are becoming.

Create Meaningful Connections
Our size and culture support academic experiences where people truly connect and bring out the best in each other. We honor and nurture each other’s potential, offering personal learning experiences where students and professors take part in an exciting and rewarding journey together.

Advance Human Understanding
To further human understanding and contribute to society on a global scale, we build on the classroom experience, engaging in research, community involvement and real-world opportunities. A leader in preparing educators, we also offer award-winning and innovative programs in business, performing and liberal arts, and the sciences.

Lead a Richer Life
We are leaders and learners who are exploring and seizing opportunities. We gain knowledge that empowers us to pursue our dreams, achieve rewarding careers and move through life with purpose.

Be the Difference
We inspire people to rise to their potential and make an impact for the future. We are dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of individuals and in our communities.

Slogan: Bringing Education to Life

How the Messages Will be Communicated
The new brand identity is being incorporated into all UNC marketing and recruitment materials including websites and printed materials. Information that UNC’s colleges, schools, programs and offices can use to effectively incorporate the new identity and messaging will be available next week.

A comprehensive advertising campaign using the following media began Jan. 14 and is scheduled to continue through April.

Print Publications
- Wild Blue Yonder (Frontier Airlines)
- Denver Magazine (Denver Metro)

DIA Signage
- Banners
- Train Cards

- I-25, east side near Berthoud (Hwy 56)
- Greeley, four rotating boards
- Hwy 34 at 88th, north side
- Hwy 85, east side near Gilcrest

- Two 30-second spots to run primarily during Channel 9 news broadcasts
- One spot highlights students; the other highlights alumni