Cheering Delaney

Delaney Wadsworth and Klawz, the UNC mascot

Delaney Wadsworth poses with UNC mascot Klawz during the three-year-old’s special debut as a UNC cheerleader. Photo courtesy of Jason and Brenna Wadsworth.

Jason and Brenna Wadsworth have made it possible for their 3-year-old daughter to experience items on her wish list, including last week when the toddler, who’s courageously battling an inoperable brain tumor, officially became a UNC cheerleader.

Delaney Wadsworth, outfitted with UNC pom-poms, suited up with the cheerleading team during the Bears’ home volleyball match Oct. 28. Arriving to Butler-Hancock Hall in a donated stretch limo, Delaney was greeted out front by the cheerleading team and UNC mascot Klawz — Jason Wadsworth said Delaney literally squealed with delight as they drove up and saw the cheerleaders standing there clapping and cheering.

Delaney was introduced over the PA system with the UNC volleyball team and presented with autographed pictures, a volleyball signed by the team and T-shirts — the pom-poms were also hers to keep.

“As she stood on the floor and blew a kiss to the crowd, it was apparent to see how much the night meant to her,” said Cindy Vetter a Wadsworth family friend, and director of UNC Card and Student Business Services.

Delaney cheered on the sidelines throughout the match, taking occasional breaks to pose for photos and eat popcorn.

“She was eating popcorn during the game and I asked if it was good; she simply reached into the bag and handed me a handful of popcorn to share with her,” said UNC cheerleader Tyler Ames.

The UNC Cheerleading Team, donning Team Delaney "We Believe in Miracles" T-shirts provided by the family, gained much more than an extra teammate Friday night.

“We were all inspired by the Wadsworth’s family strength and deep love for one another," said UNC cheerleader Angela Milano. "It was really amazing to spend a decent amount of time with such a remarkable little girl.

"I know that I can speak for the entire University of Northern Colorado Cheerleading Team when I say that we were fortunate to be able to fulfill one of Delaney’s wishes."

- Katie Owston