Entrepreneurs Meet the Challenge

University of Northern Colorado alumni Adam Wickam, left, and Sterling Englehard take a break to pose for photos during the second annual Monfort College of Business Entrepreneurial Challenge. Related: Video of Sterling Englehard and Adam Wickam describing their products. Photo by Brittany Sarconi. Video by Katie Owston.

University of Northern Colorado alumni Adam Wickam and Sterling Englehard showcased their entrepreneurship at the Monfort College of Business’ Entrepreneurial Challenge March 3.The two alumni were among 10 finalists who presented their products and business plans in the Start Up Ventures and Stage Two Growth categories to a panel of judges who ultimately awarded the first-, second- and third-place winners $10,000, $5,000 and $3,000, respectively.

Wickam received a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a Management emphasis supplemented by an Entrepreneurial Certificate in 2006. He’s created a rifle-shaped aiming solution for the PlayStation Move.
Soon after he purchased a Wii for a new source of entertainment, he found there were problems with the rifle-shaped controllers on the market.

Now, 12 prototypes and $30,000 later, Wickam and his expert team of developers and marketing professionals are ready to launch his product -“Flex-Fire.”

Englehard graduated in 2010 with a bachelor’s in Business Administration and an emphasis in Computer Information Systems. He’s developed a mobile phone application called “Fetch” that provides campus directions for blind college students and visitors via voice commands.

A seeing-impaired student who was lost on campus inspired Englehard to create the application.
While the application has only been in the works for four months, the judges said they believe it has extraordinary potential.

“It takes a lot of drive and determination to be an entrepreneur,” Englehard said.

Both Wickam and Englehard said the challenge has provided opportunities they would not have had otherwise. They have both made professional connections to help them continue in the right direction with their distinctive business ventures.

"This, this is history!” Wickam exclaimed, raising his hands in victory after his presentation.

Wickam’s victory gesture wasn’t premature: He placed in third place award in the Start Up Ventures category.

The complete results were:

Start Up Ventures
First Place: Steven Roy, developer of a company that reverse-engineers innovative healthcare treatments and technologies designed for humans for use on companion animals with serious veterinary medical conditions.
Second Place:Lindsey, creator of Bedbug Boxes, a device that helps eliminate bedbug problems at home and on the road.
Third Place:Adam Wickam

Stage Two Growth
First Place:Jacob Castillo, co-founder of Panda Bicycles, a Fort Collins manufacturer of bamboo bicycles.
Second Place: Robert Flynne, co-owner of Greenride Colorado, which provides low cost, environmentally friendly airport shuttle services.
Third Place: Becky Lindsey, owner of Becky Lindsey and Associates in Fort Collins, which provides senior counseling and care management.

- Brittany Sarconi